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Speaking Topics for Church and Faith Groups

It's Time To Get Up—
"Sometimes the key to deliverance is 'taking up 
our beds.'  We get so accustomed to our infirmities that we resist leaving what is familiar. If you are tired of asking God for the same deliverance over and over, find out how to 'rise, and take up your bed!'"
At His Feet, Not In His Face—
"We have been trained to 'seek the face of God'
when we need answers.  But Mary (Luke 10:42) learned the value of sitting at Jesus' feet and hearing His word. Our position of humility before the Lord can not only move Him to compassion but action!"
Do You Taste Good?—
"The bible tells us that we are to be the salt of the earth. Salt adds flavor and appeal. But sometimes we are so consumed by the cares of this world, our own problems, and past hurts that we become tasteless, if not objectionable, to the world. Learn how to get your 'savor' back and add seasoning to the lives of those around you."
Imperfect People, Perfect Plan—
"God does not require perfection from you.  He requires willing obedience and faith.  Some of the greatest leaders in the bible had the 'biggest flaws.'  Stop thinking that you don't have what it takes to do great works in the Kingdom of God.   You don't have to be wonderful, just willing!"

Being A Single Christian—
“Being single is not a disease. There are easy ways to cure loneliness, even when you live alone.”

God's Purpose And Destiny For You—
“The truest measure of success is not in our possessions but our purpose. Ultimate victory comes from fulfilling God’s purpose through you to your generation.”

Roller Coaster Christianity—
“The only thing about being on the mountaintop with God, is you have to travel through the valley to get there. How to manage the lows in life, understanding that all things work together for the good… (Rom. 8:28)”

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