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Powerful Communication


Seminar Description: Effective communication can impress people, but powerful communication can move people to action.  This course identifies the elements of powerful communication and teaches the participants how to harness and utilize their own individual skills to become a communicator that persuades, inspires, and transforms. The course will be highly interactive with group exercises, skills assessment, demonstrations, critiquing and opportunity for on-site application.

This course is designed to be a full day training with two 15-minute breaks and a one hour lunch break. (Length and content can be customized for individualized needs)

The components of powerful communication session

The components of power communication

  • Identify the elements of powerful communication

  • Assess your current communication skills


Powerful communication requires real connection

  • Connect not just communicate

  • Being more relatable

  • Gaining and building credibility


Excel at listening

  • Define and hone active listening skills

  • Hear what is not being said

  • Define and hone active listening skills

  • Hear what is not being said


Crafting a powerful message

  • Understanding and identifying your target audience

  • How to “story arc” your message

  • Choose the most effective words to boost the power of your message

  • The power of storytelling, illustrations, and demonstration

  • Identifying and avoiding common pitfalls in crafting your message


Delivering your message

  • Wow them in the first 20 seconds

  • What you say without saying a word (nonverbal communication)

  • How to get over anxiety and nervousness

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