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High-stakes, Difficult, and Consequential Conversations

Seminar Description: No one likes confrontation and conflict but they are inevitable in our professional and personal lives. The key to success in handling high-stakes, difficult, and consequential conversations is understanding typical human behavior and your own behavioral tendencies. This session will give you tools to plan and have constructive conversations on difficult and high stakes topics.  During the session, participants will practice techniques in de-escalating emotional confrontations, approaching negative topics in a positive manner, and responding appropriately to criticism and accusation through role-play, skills practice, and interactive discussion.

This course is designed to be a full day training with two 15 minute breaks and a one hour lunch break.  (length and content can be customized for individualized needs)

The components of High Stakes, Difficult, and Consequential Conversations

  • Overview:

    • ​What is a high stakes conversation

    • Self-assessment of how you handle difficult situations

  • Laying a foundation for success

    • Building rapport

    • Asking the right questions

    • Do your homework

  • Clarifying the real issue

    • ​Seek to understand

    • Finding a positive approach for a negative issue

  • Dialogue skills

    • Ways to start the conversation

    • Responding instead of reacting

    • Effective listening

    • Assessing and interpreting

    • Body language

    • Managing your emotions

    • How to handle criticism

    • Common mistake, pitfalls and landmines

  • Dealing with difficult personalities

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