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Powerful Women Leaders:

How to engage, achieve, and succeed


Seminar Description:   In spite of this age of unprecedented access and opportunity for            women in the workplace, women still lag far behind men in positions of power and leadership. 


This course will help women leaders and emerging leaders identify necessary tools for leadership, hone communication and negotiation skills, understand the role of emotional intelligence and cultural competence in achieving success, and harness the power of networking.  This course will help identify common mistakes that impede influence and advancement.  Participants will assess their current leadership skills and gain tools to enhance and solidify their position as an undeniable leader.

This course is designed to be a full day training with two 15-minute breaks and a one hour lunch break.  (length and content can be customized for individualized needs)

Defining leadership

  • Assess your leadership skills

  • Navigating the “double binds” of women in leadership

  • Establishing and increasing your visibility


Connect not just communicate

  • Listening is essential to communicating

  • Gaining and building credibility

  • Giving and receiving feedback


Understanding and enhancing your emotional intelligence (EQ)


The art and craft of negotiating


The power of networking

  • How to network strategically

  • Making your network work for you


Defining success

  • Creating a roadmap for success

  • Identifying and arranging your priorities



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