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What people have to say about Debbye Turner Bell Consulting and THE POWERFUL COMMUNICATIONS LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT COURSE



Hello Debbye,

I wanted to tell you what a great effect your seminar had on my attendees last week.  In my 14 years of providing leadership seminars I have seen quite a few on communication as you might imagine, your program on Powerful Communication stood out as one of the best.  Your presentation style, energy and connection to the audience made this a memorable experience for the 70 managers from 15 different organizations.  I have had several requests to bring you back soon and look forward to doing so.  Thank you for an awesome day!

Best Regards,

Mike Godwin

IMS Chairman – DFW Region

Managing Partner – Godwin Leadership Consulting




Hello Debbye,


I am sending you a quick note to thank you for the great workshop I was able to experienced yesterday. I am so blessed I got to participate and that Jay presented you and your amazing work to our group. Thanks Jay!

I think my first IMS course was eight years or so ago, what I have experienced yesterday was truly remarkable, I really enjoyed the topic but to be honest with you Jay I was glued to how amazing Debbye is a speaker……


Nicolás  D'Onofrio, BA, MSOL, MBA

Director, Satellite Business Process 

Administrator, Boston Children's at Peabody



Hi Debbye,


I wanted to thank you again for such a great training session! I have started using some of your techniques not only at work but also with my 8 year old twins and husband! I am happy to report that I am seeing the benefits already! Thank you for all the amazing tools you gave us! 

Please let me know if and when you make it back to Boston! I would love to attend more of your seminars (especially the one aimed at difficult conversations or people!)

All the best to you!







We just calculated your evaluations from last week's session, and I hope you're sitting down as you read this, because the numbers are outstanding (on a 7-point scale where 7 = excellent):


  • Speaker effectiveness:  6.91

  • Value of program content:  6.75

You'll also be pleased to know that 19 out of the 32 evaluations we received or 60% gave you seven's on all categories.

The overall evaluations would be extraordinarily outstanding even for our long-term faculty, but as a first-time speaker, they're simply stellar. 

In response to the question about changes or improvements, most people replied "N/A"/"none" or simply left it blank.  The only comment we received was a good one, I thought:  the person wanted to know more about how to influence or handle a hostile audience.

Thank you so much for all the time and energy you put into making your program so engaging and presenting such valuable material.  I've already had the opportunity to sing your praises to a couple Chairs, so I'm guessing you and your program will be in demand on our 2018 schedule.

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to connecting with you again this year, Debbye, whenever your family travels bring you this way.

With my fondest regards,

Mary Held

Chair, IMS Columbus



Good Morning Debbye,


The comments on the evals are all very short messages; “great seminar, skills I can use immediately”  “bring Debbye back soon”  “Best IMS seminar yet”  “Love Debbye’s energy and delivery”  “Very relatable and approachable”.

We aren’t allowed to pass along names or organizations for marketing purposes but if you would like a quote from me I would be happy to do one, and you can use my name and title if you like.

Thank you for an awesome day!

Mike Godwin

IMS Chairman – DFW Region

Managing Partner – Godwin Leadership Consulting




Dr. Bell,

Good Morning! I wanted to reach out to you to thank you for all you poured into us yesterday at the 'Powerful Communication' seminar. Is it okay to reach out from time to time to bounce things off of you in regards to my professional career especially communication? You are truly an inspiration! I am sure that you will do well in Grand Rapids. lol They truly have a treasure in you.

Thanks again,

Robert L. Langford III
Leader, Field Engineering
Toledo/North Pointe




Hi Debbye –


What a GREAT class! I loved that there are so many tools I can reuse in future situations. The works cited list was impressive as well.

After the training, I saw new potential in my level of personal development. Just like the training, you provided an example of how I can be rather than what I am lacking. So often with coaching, people fixate on what you need to change and don’t provide step by step actions to change. 

Would you be willing to mentor me in some capacity? I’m interested in building my brand and my credibility and I believe I could learn a great deal from you.

I was a Mary Kay sales director for 8 years and spent a large portion of my time talking to women about discovering their value and worth internally rather than seeking these qualities externally. You are an excellent example of this behavior. I loved the way you relied on yourself as a vehicle of credibility rather than “who you know.” Additionally, I loved how you kept your faith in front of you, but didn’t make it a reflection of any one. It is simply part of you.


Kelly Guess, Associate



Good Morning Debbye,

This was so helpful!!! I used this approach and delivered my message successfully! I thank you again for such valuable and useful information.

Thank you,

Rayba Watson

Enforcement Supervisor

U. S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Newark Area Office

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