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Community Groups Speaking Topics


Real Role Models—
“It takes more than a celebrity or rock star to influence young people. Every caring, compassionate adult has the ability to inspire youth.”


“The difference between being the best and just being average is applying excellence to every area of your life. Being just good enough really isn’t good enough.”

Motivating Youth—
“Young people will live up to or down to your expectations. If you expect the best from them, chances are they will expect the best from themselves.”


Being A Woman In A Man's World—
“Although the ‘glass ceiling’ still exists in many professions for women, it will take the undeniable strength, creativity, and determination natural to all women to break through that invisible, frustrating barrier.”


“Those who hold stereotypes have a limited view of others. Don’t allow others’ limited view of you keep you from fulfilling your entire potential.”


My Life As Miss America—
“When I was crowned Miss America 1990, it changed every aspect of my life. Not only did I meet Bill Cosby, Pres. George Bush, Sr., and Oprah Winfrey, but I accumulated one quarter of a million frequent flier miles. Trust me, life was more than waving perfectly and hoping for world peace! Go with me into the world of glamour, gossip, and good works. Re-live my journey and hijinks as ‘Miss A’.


Effective Communication—
“It doesn’t matter how fabulous our thoughts and ideas are, if we can’t communicate them to the world. The key is crafting your message, then being a dynamic messenger is to step up and speak up.”


Preparing For A Media Interview—
“It may seem the reporters are firing squads with their arsenal of microphones aimed at you, but being interviewed doesn’t have to be a ‘life or death’ experience.”


Responsible Pet Ownership—
“Our pets give us unconditional love and affection. The absolute least we can do is return the favor with protection and attention. Learn what your pets think, need, and love.”

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